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A bar in an art gallery. A theater with swimming pool. A cinema with a show. The chairs in front of a large screen/stage. I think it`s the most immersive and original place in the city. Of course, if it was in a big center like NYC or SP, it would be a controversial place with a queue. The view is worth it. I even ran out of words here to define how cool it is. Lot. And call me. Amarelinho BarO Amarelinho does not take this name for nothing – the color is also present on tables and chairs.

“Dirty foot” of respect, is located in the advertisement behind the Sesc de Taguatinga. The Litrão costs R$6.50. More on the subjectBeberMetropolis shows the coolest “dirty” bars in BrasiliaBeberBeirut will present a new drinks menu and Green Devil will be reformulatedDrinkThree Brazilian beers are among the best in the worldGela GuelaResult of Catholic university students, Gela Guela makes history in Taguatinga. The place has a hookah for R$25 per session. Lampião in Guará serves CholeFelipe Menezes/Metropolis ceará Carne de SolTem Carangueijada, happy hour, fish and sea bass. They do not work with Litrão, but Brahma (600ml) comes out R$5. King`s Burger has become a snack bar reference in Taguatinga. The restaurant and fast food was founded in 1996 in the city itself and offers several options for those who want to eat from a chic sandwich to an executive meal (through pancakes, milkshakes, ice cream and açaí). With cool décor inspired by American cafeteria environments, the property, which also has a delivery service, is a meeting place for classes from events, parties, and gatherings in the city`s churches, for example. Merchant Luciano Alves, 42, walked the king`s sandwiches with his wife (physiotherapist Paula Prates, 46) and children Vitor Augusto, 17, and Eduarda, 13.

In addition to the diversity and independence of Taguatinga, Luciano also emphasizes the security of the region. “Here it is always a quiet, very quiet and safe city, even if, as everywhere, there are violent places. I also like the variety of restaurants and options,” he notes. He also sees Taguatinga as a city that mixes different cultures and differences. “Taguatinga is very mischievous, there are people of all kinds, there are also elderly people, which is very nice,” says the shopkeeper. King`s Burger (CNF 1, Sector F North; 3354.3298). Open from Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 01:00. Fondue, whether chocolate or cheese, is too good. But do you know the origin of this joy? We`ll tell you.

Oh, read this article to the end and learn how to prepare it from the comfort of your own home. Well, according to historians, fondue (feminine word meaning fondu or fondu) appeared in Switzerland in the middle of World War II […] 7 Instagrammable restaurants and bars in Taguatinga, according to Nobu Kahi @nobukahi In Taguatinga we are proud of It Speed Lunch and even the Master Burger. Legendary guests. Together with these two legends, the Carcará forms the sacred triple crown of the Taguatinguense burger. I say this without being afraid of making mistakes: those who brought the noisy and sharp burger to this city. It was a revolution. At first the small snack bar full of smoke in cnf and now in the unit of the south commercial (and guará). The place is cool, full of works by artists from the city and still has an arcade.

Taguatinga is full of cool places to meet. And actor @nobukahi is undoubtedly an expert at giving the best advice for restaurants in the area (especially those that generate amazing photos for Instagram), breakfast or brunch. That touch of colonial coffee with five-year-old English tea in the middle of QNL. The possibility of having a “hotel” café in Taguatinga. A coffee buffet. What a great idea! Let`s face it, breakfast is the best of the day. And it`s beautiful there. Even the sound filter is comfortable. And ah! Clay filter water is the best.

It freezes. However, it warms the heart. The Cathedral of the World in Hamburg. A reference to the unique taste. The darling of YouTubers from all over Brazil. Good taste and the current concept. The drinks menu is extensive and there are meals for a wide variety of tastes. Pizzas, snacks, portions, executive dishes and various drinks make up the menu of the warehouse of Juca.Com live music every night, the décor is dotted in the Piston Sud and famous for the animation of the clientele. The large space is also aimed at consumers who do not want to stop enjoying high-quality meals at a good price during the lunch break. Well located, the house is one of the favorites of the Taguatinguenses.

With her family, student Marina Santa Rita, 21, enjoys the city bar. “The nightlife is very lively. Taguatinga is where you will find everything. There`s a sense of community, so it`s very difficult for you to get out of here,” says the young woman, who has lived in the area for 14 years. According to Professor Cristina Lúcia Silva, 42, a resident of Ceilândia, Taguatinga completes and strengthens the movement of regions outside the pilot plan. “I lived here for eight years. The most popular trade is that the nightlife is more hectic and has more options. In general, everything is different,” he says. JucaSetor A Sul Warehouse, QSA 23, Lots 11 and 12, Taguatinga Sul — 3351-5100.Open Sunday to Sunday, from 11:30 to 1:00 Fisherman`s Bar, a stronghold of the bohemians of Taguatinga, is a classic of the city that celebrates its 60th anniversary today. Founded and run by brothers Ademar and José Wilmar Ribeiro (miners known by the nicknames Lolo and Didi), the pub opened in 1978 and is a frequent place for those who want cold beer, snacks and good conversation. Bean tutu, sun meat, ham sausage, pastel and fried potatoes are some of the delicacies served at Fisherman`s Bar. Snacks are displayed in a greenhouse and customers can choose their favorites.

Friends, designer Paulo Coelho, 53, and indigenist Slowacki Assis, 66, are regular customers of the environment. “I saw, still young, when they opened. And we`re still here,” says Paulo.Both highlight that indoor air that the pub and taguatinga still maintain. “The city still has this life, this business inland. Everyone has known each other for many years and lives well,” says Slowacki.They also want to praise the varied trade, nightlife and structure of Taguaparque. “We have everything here. A widespread multi-option trade. Everything in the plan here has it too,” says Paulo.Bar St. 5, Lot 2, Shop 5; 3254-5560). Open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Golden pheasantPlace for simple but sought after food in Brasilia.

One of the characteristics (of the love of style or odeie) is the arrangement of the tables, always outside. Main features of Scandinavian decoration. The Brazilian has a passion for pizza. It is no coincidence that there are many specialized product institutions in the country. In Taguatinga there are also several ways to taste the famous and popular Italian recipe at different prices and flavors. Nona Pinna is one of the places that offer pizzas in a wide variety of forms. With rotation and delivery options, the house even has a queue (especially on promotional days) to taste the more than 40 flavors (from salty to sweet) of the product. Receptionist Priscilla de Paula, 37, went with her family to taste The Ninth Pinna`s product. With her husband Daniel de Paula, 38 (logistics manager), and her son Arthur, 15, she highlights the diversity of restaurants in the city. “There are restaurants for every taste,” he says.

They believe that Taguatinga is a city, in fact completely. “We have a very varied craft, jobs, great schools, fun, culture and art,” says Daniel. “The people here are also very hospitable, the neighbors know each other, it`s very different from other places.” Nona Pinna(QND 1, lot 8; 3352-0096). Open Monday to Sunday from 18:00 to midnight. Fish and seafood are the specialties of the Tucunaré restaurant in Taguatinga Sul. The flagship of the house is the peacock perch (served whole with side dishes), but also the moqueca (with gold and shrimp) and the pacu ribs. The bailiff Stefano Barros, 38 years old, went to Tucunaré with his wife Lilian Borges Neves (head of administration, 39 years old) and his son Matheus, 8 years old. Born in Taguatinga, he declares his love for the city: “I am even a suspect of speaking because I have been here since birth, but I am in love with Taguatinga, a city that has its own life.

I don`t trade anywhere else. Paulista, Lilian says, when he arrived in the Federal District, he first lived in southern Asa. “But when I met Taguatinga, I changed the pilot plan here. I thought it was more similar and I was well received,” he says. Peacock perch (QSA 12, lot 12; 3222-1589). Open from Tuesday to Friday from 16:00 to 13:30; Saturday from 11:00 to 13:30; and Sunday from 11:00 to 23:00. The Bar dos Cunhados, in 115 Sul, is known for serving a delicious MoelaFelipe Menezes / Metrópoles PDS or Por do Sol, in 408 Norte, is the captivity of university studentsFelipe Menezes / Metrópoles The food of the northeast is the flagship of Mandaka, one of the good options for eating in Taguatinga.