Barebones Lodge Tent – Complete Buying Guide For All

With the advancement and industrial development, people moved towards the materialistic lifestyle. But still, in this life of chaos, some people would love to enjoy nature and stay connected to it even for some time. Going too wild to live in the natural habitat is an adventure, but the first and basic need to spend a few days is a shelter to sleep in.

A wall tent serves the best to spend your night out in the wild. They are like a small cabin with proper four walls with a height high enough to easily stand inside.

Barebones Wall Tent Features:

Barebones Wall Tent Features

Barebones Wall Tent Features

  • Fabric – Outfitter tent and lodge tent of the barebones have the fabric of polyester nylon, which is breathable.
  • Ventilation – These tents have doors and windows which are used to maintain the ventilation and inside temperature.
  • Floor – The floor is of tub-style, which helps with keeping out the bugs. It also keeps the moisture out so that you can have a peaceful sleep in these barebones tents with no fear of bugs crawling in.
  • Doors – The doors have a magnetic closure, so you don’t have to close it every time you go out or come in to keep the flying bugs outside.
  • Mildew resistant – These tents from barebones are mildew resistant so that you can use them in the long term as the anti-microbial property save it for long-term use.
  • Weather friendly – The barebones tent can work well in all the weather conditions due to the material used as a fabric.
  • Snow – The winter weather can carry 1000 pounds of snow load on it, and for the rainy weather, it works perfectly as the fabric will not allow the water to get in.
  • Wind – The windy weather can withstand the pressure of winds by 90 miles per hour once it is tied down properly.
  • Woodstove corner – The tent fabric also works as a fire retardant. It has a precut port for ventilation, giving you an option to put the woodstove at a corner side.
  • E-ports – Suppose you are at a place where you can access electricity either from some location nearby or generators or solar panels. In that case, the tent gives you the option of running cables to use electricity inside.
  • Setting up – Setting up the tents is a bit time-consuming, but once set, you can leave it as long as you want. It does not require any additional tools to set up.
  • Poles – The poles of this tent are made up of aluminum, and they can be locked into place.
  • Packing up – Packing up the tent is easy. The tent can be folded up into three bags.
  • Carry Bags – The carry bags have handles which make it easy to carry.
  • Floor – The floor covers 120 ft2, and the walls are 6 feet high.
  • Space – It can accommodate up to 8 people in it.
  • Long-Lasting –The tents from barebones are long-lasting and will go with you in the long term.
  • Guests Stay – These barebones tents can be used as a temporary place to stay for guests to accommodate many people.

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Types Of Barebones Tents:

With only a few changes and making the product utilizable for all the barebones tents can be:

  • Outfitter tent
  • Safari tent
  • Lodge Tent
  • Medium Tent

They might differ in size or the accommodation they offer, but the necessary facilities and quality and durability are the same for all.

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Pros Of Barebones Tents:

  1. The tents have a solid construction
  2. Tents are tall enough that you can easily stand inside.
  3. These barebones tents can handle all types of weather conditions, including snow falling, raining, or heavy winds.
  4. The structure built is pleasant and attractive.
  5. Tent gives a sound ventilation system from windows and doors
  6. You can even have a fireplace or woodstove inside these tents.

Cons of Barebones Tents:

  1. The tents are massive and form a bulky packing.
  2. These tents are expensive.
  3. They are hard to set up.


Barebones Lodge Tent these tents from barebones have some important and impressive properties which make them unique and sturdy. Withstanding all weather conditions and significant construction takes most of the credit. I hope this article would help you choose a big spacious, sturdy tent for your next trip to the wilds.


For how long can we leave these tents open?

Once set correctly, you can leave it standing for months if you have frequent visits to the place. You can take the tent down when needed.

Will it survive the heavy winds if we leave the tent standing?

Yes, when you set the tent up, it can bear wind speed up to 90 mph. So it can easily withstand the wind pressure.

How many doors do the tents have?

Every tent from barebones has two doors—one on front and the other on the back. The two doors are making the moving in easy and organized.

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