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Donna was educated in Canberra and started working in the public sector after graduating before entering the legal industry in 1994. She has an in-depth knowledge of ACT and NSW residential real estate issues – she has spent the last 25 years focusing on nothing else! Helen also enjoys sharing, teaching and training knowledge. This led her to take a break from the practice of law. She has taught law graduates of an ANU legal workshop the practical peculiarities of buying and selling homes. While working at ANU, she helped clients at the free legal aid clinic. Her time in science allowed her to refine and develop her skills as a lawyer. At Bedfords Legal, our mission is to understand your situation, priorities and interests so that we can provide you with the best legal solution. Now more than ever, you need a law firm with legal experts who understand that the best solutions are not found in “one size fits all” advice without inspiration. Mark has been a lawyer in Canberra for over 34 years and has helped thousands of people in their legal affairs. Mark`s clients appreciate his practical and inconclusive advice to achieve the desired results. Mark has been working for his 2nd client since 1984 and has been and continues to be a trusted advisor and confidant to many generations of families and business owners across the country and around the world. Prior to university, Erin worked at a law firm in Canberra City and this experience confirmed her interest in law.

During her studies, she worked for KJB Law as a paralegal in various fields and positions and began working full-time at KJB Law as a lawyer in early 2008. Helen worked in law firms for many years before taking the plunge and starting her law studies. Their various legal support roles familiarized them with the practical operation and application of the law; The lawyers she worked with and came into contact with planted a seed. As soon as the core began to germinate, Helen began her law studies as an adult student. After her admission, she developed a passion for real estate, estate planning and estate administration for the deceased. She enjoys helping people navigate these areas of law – one of the most common reasons people connect with lawyers. Helen strives to demystify the process, providing clients with simple practical advice and timely results. When a loved one has just died, we understand that it`s hard to know what to do next, or even where to start. We will guide you through this process and strive to make this difficult time as smooth as possible. We can help you buy and sell residential and commercial real estate. In addition, we advise you in all other real estate matters, such as residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, sub-areas, project management agreements, joint venture and development agreements and much more.

Outside of the office, you`ll likely find Brendan on a bike — whether it`s on a road or mountain bike (although you`re more likely to find him face down after he fell when he`s been on the mountain bike) — or build models. Passionate about miniature warfare, he often has more projects going on than he can hope to finish. Avid chef and wine lover, Mark often spends his free time reliving the greatest musical periods of the century, smashing versions of popular masterpieces, much to the chagrin of his family and cats, his harshest critics. Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Laws, and Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice In her spare time, Erin enjoys cooking, spending time with family and friends, and is an avid pet owner (she has a furry child and two skin children). She would like to travel more and learn a language. We are experts in all matters of commercial and commercial law. We work with accountants, financial planners, insurance brokers and other professional advisors to achieve the best result for you and your business. Brendan`s career in law began in a somewhat unusual way – studying journalism instead! Halfway through this study, he decided that the career was not for him (at a particularly memorable ethics conference on “Death Knocks”), and so after graduation, he focused on law. Helen is a proud Territorian; grew up in the Northern Territory and then moved to the Australian Capital Territory at the end of his 20s. When she`s not in the office, you might find her walking around Lake Burley Griffin with Pepe (the Golden Retriever). Pepe also insists that she regularly takes him on his group outing on Saturdays.

As a social being, you will also find that she meets friends. You might even see them cooking in the kitchen or trying all sorts of new recipes. She refers to colleagues in her Bedfords and the Saturday hiking group as her “test kitchens.” The Sunday family dinner is legendary and another place to try new recipes! You can also find them by reading, knitting or cross-stitching. Thank you for your support as we work together to ensure our customers and employees continue to stay safe and healthy. Erin`s areas of business include estate planning, including the preparation of wills and continuing powers of attorney. Our team at Bedfords Legal has extensive experience in all aspects of commercial, real estate, estate and estate law. Estate planning, wills and continuing powers of attorney. Donna has a real passion for new owners, off-plan purchases and mom and dad sales and purchases. Donna is customer-oriented and strives to achieve desired customer outcomes in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is reflected in the constant recommendation of new clients from previous clients, local real estate agents and financial brokers.

When she`s not in the office, you`ll probably find her on a mountain bike that shreds one of the many local trails (and often unexpectedly and unintentionally explodes) or at home with her rabbits – there are 9 of them (Bob is the favorite, but don`t tell others!). By supporting complex negotiations with other parties, he brings a problem-solving and results-oriented approach to achieving the best result. GPO Box 2944, Canberra ACT, 2601 Australia, Australia Brendan is dedicated to providing a highly personalized level of service and helping clients achieve their goals by taking the time to understand each transaction and its specific nuances. This approach has led him to establish trusting and long-term business relationships with many of his clients. We ask you to visit our office only if you have made arrangements in advance. We also ask that you do not visit our office if you feel uncomfortable, if you have recently returned from a trip abroad or if you have come into contact with someone who has been exposed to the virus. Mark is very interested in sharing his knowledge and advice and welcomes a “quirky” call from someone who just wants to check something out or just ask a quick question. These free chats are just one part of the holistic and ongoing service Mark provides to his clients for and long after their particular business is over. There is not much that we have not seen and that we have not conquered. As a human being, Mark strives to understand clients` needs and goals, adjust his advice, and achieve results that are appropriate and benefit the client, not themselves.