Best 4 Instant Tent Reviews 2021

Searching for a perfectly suitable instant tent for your camping is one of the daunting tasks, particularly when options overpower you. In this article, we are particularly comparing the two top most brands manufacturing tents with pre-attached poles, which are also identified as instant tents.

Comparison between Best 4 Instant Cabin Tents

Capacity Floor Size (ft) Peak Height (Inches) Weight (lb) Incorporated Rainfly Reflective Guy lines
Core 9 Person Instant Tent 9 14 x 19 78 30.5 û û
Coleman 6 Person Instant Tent 6 10 x 9 74 22.4 û ü
Core 4 Person Instant Tent 4 9 x 7 54 12.1 û û
Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent 4 8 x 7 59 18 û û


Review of CORE 9 Person 14′ x 9′ Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent - 14' x 9'

This Core 9 person 14′ x 9′ instant tent is one of the finest tents available in the market. It is designed in such a way that it can hold up to 9 people as well as added gears. This tent is ideal for utilizing in all the seasons as well as any weather conditions. The tent is constructed with long-lasting 68D polyester with a 600 mm HH rating. The floor material is also water-resistant and long-lasting, which keeps you dry even throughout a storm. Additionally, another great feature of this tent is its large double door providing easy access and also promoting appropriate ventilation.

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The vents of this tent let the cooler air in and through the hot air out at the same a detachable rainfly also help in regulating the temperature. The floor area dimensions of this tent are 14 x 9 feet, which is more than enough for adjusting nine people and added gears. The setup of this tent is super easy in assembling, and it’s great to be used in all kinds of weather conditions. This Core 9 person instant tent brings all in which you wish from a top-quality selection.

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Review of Coleman Company Signature Instant Cabin 6 Person Double Hub Tent

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

If you are searching for the correct balance between money and value, then worries not, the Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Person Double Hub Tent can be your best choice. This tent is an outstanding instant tent that can hold up to 6 people, and the setup takes around a minute to upright and folding up in seconds. The best feature of this tent is possibly its WeatherTec system, which is designed for keeping the water out from both levels of roof & floor.

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The fabric used in the manufacturing of this tent is Coleman’s signature rugged Poly-guard 2X, and it has a footprint of 10 x 9 ft. The tent is strong and spacious, ideal for use in all settings also has ground-breaking Illumining reflective guy lines. This instant tent also comes up with a built-in rainfly same as the Core 9 person instant cabin tent. It has enough space inside so it can fit up to 2 queen-size air mattresses if all you require is comfort. It is pre-assembled, lightweight, and is completely waterproofed. So in your outdoor adventure, the Coleman 6 person instant double hub tent is your trustworthy companion.

Review of Core 4 Person 9′ x 7′ Instant Dome Tent

Coleman 4 Person Cabin Tent with Instant

This Core 4 person, instant Dome style, is similar to our top-quality selection (Core 9 person instant cabin tent), but it is smaller than that as it is designed with a capacity of 4 people. The set up of this tent is rapid as it can get ready to use within half a minute. The tent is developed in such a way that it keeps the moisture out of the tent and keeps the interior part dry even in heavy rainfall. Enduring days of rains, the tent is manufactured of 100% polyester and featuring the Core water blockage technology providing a more effectual shield against fog and rain.

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The interior part of this tent may look restricted, but it has enough space to accommodate up to 4 people with additional gears. It has storage pockets, gear loft, and lantern hanging, which makes the tent more versatile. It has enough space that it can fit a queen size air mattress possibly. It has one D style door for easy access; also, its built-in e-cable port brings more value to it. The tent is compact yet spacious, rapid erection, and lightweight. For those who like to travel with lightweight things, this tent is the best option.

Review of Coleman 4 Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman 4 Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

The Coleman 4 Person, Instant Cabin tent, is an amazing alternative if you are searching for a pouch-friendly four people tent as it is developed for a no-trapping setup. This tent also has the ground-breaking WeatherTec system the same as our best value on the list (Coleman 6 person Instant Cabin Tent). It came up with inverted seams and patented welded floors, which are designed for keeping the rain and fog out of the sleeping area.

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This tent is ideal for backpacking and camping as it is made up of thick dual fabric and is dependable for utilizing in all weather conditions. Moreover, it has an incorporated rainfly vent, which improves the air circulation and maintaining the temperature within a manageable variety even in harsh weather conditions such as storms, etc. The tent provides genuine protection against rudiments, easy to carry, and is strongly constructed. All of this is available at a reasonable price.

Pop-Up Vs. Instant Tents

There are two types of tents with similar features, leaving us speechless, pop-up tents & instant tents. Nevertheless, these two types of tents bearing similar features have somewhat dissimilarities in the manner they raise.

Instant Tents: these tents are pre-assembled, but they do not just pop up when taking out of the package. Nevertheless, the setup of these tents will require a time of fewer than five minutes, at least even if you require helping the pre-attached poles to break in place. The structure of poles is in such a way that instant tents are stronger and can cope with harsh weather conditions.

Pop-up tents: these tents are also known as fast-pitch tents as they are just pop-up on their own after taking out of the package. It has elastic poles that straighten out and requires minimal man force.

Why pick an instant tent?

As compare to pop up tents, instant tents come up with an essential benefit. The poles of these instant tents are similar to those having standard poles. You will be required to break the poles in place to raise the structure. The joints of this tent are not only adding strength but also they are easy fixing if broke. On the other hand, if the poles of the pop-up tent break during your camping time, then the only thing you can do is to pack it and go back. Another important difference between the two is their sizes; pop-up tents are smaller in size than that of instant tents.

Apart from these, instant tents have numerous other benefits:

  • Lightweight and good for backpacking
  • Instant tents have double walls providing better management of compression other than that of pop-up tents; they are comprised of single walls
  • When folding up instant tents are more efficient than pop-up tents


Types of instant tents

Instant tents come up with two different varieties of styles; Cabin & Dome

Cabin Style: This type of instant tent is of the square in shape with straight walls ending up with a traditional roof. This type of instant tent is ideal for those who required a little more additional space even into a constrained environment. Depending on their sizes, most of these tents can hold up at least one queen size air mattress easily.

Dome Style: These tents are round resembling like an Igloo. Overall it has smaller sleeping areas as well as offering reduced headroom. But these tents tend to resist strong winds easily. If you like to fit a large air mattress in this type of tent, then it would not always be possible, though.

Sleeping capacity

Instant tents have various sizes starting from the smallest tent accommodating two people to the largest accommodating up to 9 or more people in it. Nevertheless, the standard capacity of sleeping per person is not defined officially in terms of size. Due to this reason, a two-person instant tent can easily hold up to 3 people at a time.

You should have a check on underneath variables when choosing a tent for your camping if you require getting all the rooms.

  • Number of people
  • Amount and size of additional gear
  • Extra occupiers including children and pets
  • Sleeping habits (space you required to sleep in comfort)



Instant tents are of three types in terms of choosing for seasons; three-season, extended-season, and four-season tents.

Three-season: typically, these tents are popular in demand as they are designed in such a way that they can be used in warmer seasons, particularly from late spring to early fall. These tents have vents made of mesh, which helps to improve the air circulation and to regulate the temperature inside the tent. On the other hand, most of the three-season tents come up with additional rainfly creating strong waterproof rating.

Extended-season tents: ideally, these tents can be utilized from early spring to late fall and during the summer season. These are designed in such a way that they can endure harsh weather conditions but not extreme ones.

Four-season tents: These tents are designed in such a way that they can be used in all types of seasons as well as they are stronger enough to cope with harsh weather conditions. Most of the four-season tents are designed as Dome style and made up of heavy fabrics protecting against strong rainstorms and winds. Most of them consist of a detachable rainfly designed for fighting against compression and regulating the temperature despite the weather conditions.

Other Features to Consider

Doors: the entrance of your tent should be easy and secured at night. Preferably, zippered doors are more effective.

Peak Height: if you are claustrophobic or tall, then consider tent having good peak height creating the fantasy of space. Cabin tent tend having more generous headroom other than that of Dome tents

UV protection: UV ray can be passed through many fabrics and brings you sunburn issues while resting. So if you are camping in such areas that have sun exposure, then choose your tent, which has a UV protected shield.

E-cable Port: whether you require lighting up a small bulb or charging your mobile phone, this e-cable port allows you to access the portable solar containers without getting on your nerves.

Stakes and Fastens: Helps in fixing the tent to the ground to increase the resistance towards strong winds.

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