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We work day and night to help individuals and businesses across Australia. We understand that many small businesses and startup owners have limited funds for legal services. However, running a business is not an easy task, and there will be many legal and non-legal issues that you will need to resolve. With several legal documents and services you may need to consider, our fixed fees are a great option to help you manage the affordability of your legal fees. Warra Warra Legal Service is a free legal service that provides legal advice, representation and assistance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survivors of domestic violence. LegalVision is an Australian law firm that can help you. We are a law firm specializing in commercial and corporate law that provides specialized lawyers online for a simple fixed fee. We help thousands of businesses gain access to specialized lawyers they couldn`t afford before. LegalVision`s lawyers have world-class experience and expertise in a variety of areas, including contracts, intellectual property, commercial leasing, franchising and litigation. Since our lawyers specialize in various fields, these lawyers can provide timely and tailored advice. We regularly visit our communities, Our lawyers are available for appointments on those days, Call our office for an appointment at 1800 812 800 At Warra Warra Legal, we offer events to heal and raise awareness of the culture in our communities, We participate in community events, arts programs, Naidoc celebrations, White Ribbon Day, Ochre Ribbon Day and much more.

If your service has an upcoming event, please contact us. If you wish, you can meet your lawyer at the local broken Hill court without the need for a conference beforehand. Some examples of cases where this is convenient for you include adjournments, simple pleadings or if your case is listed for court orders (no final hearing). And if you`re not out on bail, you may not even have to attend. Our lawyers can offer advice and representation in the following areas Legal Aid NSW has offices in 25 locations. Take a look at a map of our offices.