Bushnell Shield Series 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Bushnell shield series nine person instant cabin tent shows a few of its properties from its name. It is an instant setting tent for nine people. The word shield is used because of the fly provided with this provides a shield from the UV rays. This tent also has two rooms with good ventilation, perfect for your family.

Key Traits:

  • Quick Set up
  • Accommodate nine people
  • 2 Rooms
  • Room Divider
  • Steel Frame
  • Awning
  • E Port
  • Heat Reflecting Fly
  • Floor vent
  • Seven windows

More about This Tent:


  • Packed size: 48.5×10.5x1O.5 Inches
  • Dimensions: 15×9 ft
  • Floor covered area: 135 ft2
  • Weight: 45.8 Pounds
  • Peak height: 78 Inches
  • Space for: 9 People
  • Tent material: Polyester

Doors and Windows:

There are two-door entrances for this tent. The big door is like an inverted T shape. The zippers secure the doors. The other door is a D shape. The negative point is that both the doors enter the same room. The room separator gives privacy, but there is no door to the back room.

As for the windows, they are a total of seven in number giving great ventilation. All the windows are also secured by the zippers and covered with meshwork to keep the bugs out and give a good airflow


The front main door has an awning. They provide a separate pole to give support to it. And the awning is with side flaps giving protection to the door. Due to this protection, you can open the door flaps even when it is raining.


This tent comes with a reflective fly. The ceiling is covered with mesh, but the fly added is partially reflective that protects you from the UV rays and keeping the inside of the tent cooler. The fly attaches with the tent’s base with the help of the buckles.

Suitable For Whom??



This tent is suitable for friends to get together on a camping side or a family outing. It can give space to 9 people to sleep easily. The covered area of this tent is 135 ft2, which is quite enough for a group of 8 to 9 people. If you have kids, you can also use bunk cots suitable for tents and can save more space.


It has a weight of 45.8 pounds that is quite much to carry it for a longer distance. You can only carry this tent to a camping site easily approachable by car due to its weight and packed size, which is also long.

Suitable weather:

This tent is not suitable for rainy weather as the fly does not prove to be waterproof. You can easily use this tent in summers as its fly provides rays protection and keeps the tent cool. There is also great ventilation from the windows cover with meshwork best for summers, but it is not for winters, as it does not keep the interior that warm.


All the windows and the ceiling are filled with mesh providing you great ventilation. The doors also have mesh so you can open their panels and enjoy the fresh air too. In addition to that, both the rooms have two large floor vents that are secured by zippers and have meshwork.

Other Features:

Bushnell-Shield-Series-9-Person-Instant-Cabin-Tent features

Room Separator:

The tent comes with a room separator. It can divide the tent into two big rooms that can provide you with great privacy. If you are out with friends or if it is a mix of gender gathering, you can have your full privacy by drawing the separator curtain down.


The tent contains an e port opening that can allow you to bring the cable out if you have electricity around and utilize it inside.

Storage pockets:

There are storage pockets, both the outside and the inside giving a lot of space to keep things neat. The outsides pockets are near the main door and covered under the awning. It also has available storage spaces in both of the rooms.

Lantern hooks:

There are a few hoops inside the tent to hang the lantern. This is a very little but very useful feature for the night in an area you don’t have electricity.



There are six-leg poles attached to the six roof poles that join together from both sides. The poles are made up of strong steel, so they are very durable. There is also an additional pole for the awning made up of the same material as of other poles.


The fabric used for this tent is polyester, but the company did not provide any waterproof rating. Some users also say that it is a leak. You need to do some sealing. There is a long seam in the floor too that comes in both of the rooms. The tent floor is of a catenary cut.

The fly is also of polyester with an additional reflector coating, which is on the inside.

How to Set Up?

This is an instant set up a tent, which means that only you can set it up within 2 to 5 minutes. The frame is already attached to the fabric. You need just to extend it on the floor and set the pole one by one.

                                    PRICE CHECK




Bushnell Shield 9 person cabin tent Core 9 person instant cabin tent
COVERED AREA 135 ft2 126 ft2
CAPACITY Nine person Nine person
WEIGHT 45.8 lb 35.1 lb
PEAK HEIGHT 78 inches 78 inches


Pros & Cons

  • TALL



Final Conclusion:

This is a good big tent for your family with good ventilation and strong construction. The room separator also gives you privacy, and it has lots of storage space, but it is a bit expensive, and it does not even provide you with a waterproof rating.


Does this tent provide rain and wind protection?

This tent doesn’t give any info for rain. Some people also have complained about the leaks. But this is fine for winds as it is of strong construction, but do not forget to stake it properly.

How much time will it take for one person to set it up?

It will take 3 to 5 minutes hardly to build this tent up by one person.

Does it come with a carry bag?

Yes, it comes with a big carry bag to easily carry it when it is packed.

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