Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent with Fly

If you are looking for an entirely self-supporting instant tent setup, then no rush, Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent with the fly is here for you. The six people instant tent can be set up within a minute without any extra effort. The material used for the construction of this tent is very robust and durable for camping in summer.

What Type of 6 Man Instant Tent is it?

The tent appears to have numerous versions with very tiny dissimilarities. In the EU market, the tents are with the name of Fast Pitch and with some dissimilarity in the design of the door and roof. Anyhow, you have an instant cabin style tent having an extremely fast setup. The stress to take here is the design of the tent, which implies that it has a frame pre-attached to it. You have to spread and extend the tent’s telescopic poles.

However, this tent has another significant feature that is “fly,” and this is the reason which makes the tent different from other Coleman Instant 6 tent. Do not expect too much from the fly as it is a limited coverage type. The tent comprises of such large windows and limited fly which let you have viewed without hindrance. The tent is a typical self-supporting tent even if you attach a fly with it; you can easily move it around. The tent has a space of a single room only.

 Features of Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent

  • Extremely easy & instant setup
  • Detached tent
  • Construction: pleasant and inhabitable
  • Vigorous & strong materials
  • Reasonable price

For Whom Coleman Instant 6 Person Cabin Tent is Suitable?

The tent has a declared capacity of 6 persons, but the defined area is only 90 ft², which means the area covered by a person will be 15 ft² if six people are using it. There is no storage spot for gear, hall, or pouch, so I would say that the tent is ideal for couples and families (parents with one kid). They claim that the tent can accommodate around two queen size mattresses, technically this is correct. You can realize if you check the size of Coleman queen size bed and tent’s dimensions. But practically, this won’t work as you would not have the free area around after putting two queen size beds. There are better options out like you can use hot air cots for such cabin style tents.

With large windows, this tent is very pleasant and livable and the best option for camping in summer but not in heavy rain. The tent’s fly is minimal, and the body is far from a complete waterproofing system. The tent has less mesh material than other cabin style tents, and you can notice that the ceiling is with vents. So the structure can keep the tent more warmth than others with mesh on the ceiling. The tent has built up with durable and strong material and is heavy. The weight of the tent is around 21.16 lb, so you may not be able to carry the tent for long-distance trips. You will require a car for the tent as the packed size is also far from extraordinary, i.e., 47.6 x 9.4 inches.

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Materials & Construction

The poles of the tent are pre-attached to the frame and are made up of steel. This tent has a design of dual-hub in it, and this is the main dissimilarity between this tent and Instant Cabin 6. The tent has no bend poles, i.e., straight poles, so they should not break and are not under pressure. The fabric used for the tent is very rough Poly-guard 2X with a double thickness structure. They use a system called Weather-Tec, which is original and a welded floor and inverted implied seams on the body of a tent, which keeps water out. The body of the tent is of a polyester mesh, and taffeta 150D and floor sheet are of polyethylene 1000D, which is very strong.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin construction

The tent comprises of 3 individual windows and one on the door. The windows of the tent are structured with double-layered mesh useful against insects. The tent also has panels on windows for privacy and is zippered so you can keep it open at desired height as the tent is with panels and mesh, so it should help in cross-flow. The ceiling of the tent has its vents, and also it has a vent on the floor. This should be an assurance for a first-class upright airflow.

Pros & Cons

  • Trouble-free Setup
  • Affordable price
  • Very high tent
  • Huge windows
  • Freestanding
  • Very strong materials
  • No entrance hall
  • Two compartments
  • Not reasonable for harsh weather
  • Heavy in size and single door tent
  • Not immense packed size

Coleman Instant Cabin 6 Tent with Fly vs Competitors

Let us compare the tent with its similar instant designed tents, which include Ozark trail dark rest & Core 6 instant tent. Let us start with the weight of tents, i.e., 21.6 lb, 20 lb & 22.8 lb accordingly. Floor size of Coleman 6 instant tent and Ozark trail dark rest is the same with the measurement of 90sq ft. The tents have different measurements of height and packed size, but when comparing, the packed size of Coleman Instant 6 Cabin tent is 47.6 x 9.4 inches. All three tents have the same number of doors with no hall area, self-supporting, and instant setup. The poles of Coleman 6 instant are made up of steel, but Core 6 instant tent is of aluminum.


As you understand, this tent is constructed from entirely tough materials, yet waterproof rating isn’t its best element. However, it would help if you had a tent for a barren region-like dry zone without downpour; this is an alternative to consider. It is all around ventilated, yet it is somewhat encased and without mesh on the roof so that the dirt won’t have free access under the fly. Likewise, such an encased space can be warmed a piece if you intend to utilize any utensil of that type. This is an incredible incentive for the cash if in case you use it that manner.

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