Choosing a tent for your camping is a daunting task we all know and of course you will have many questions in your mind while choosing the best suitable tent for your camping. So don’t worry, here we are answering your questions about camping tents.

How Can I buy a tent for camping?

There are various tents available in the market, which makes the tent selection trickier. Different sizes of models are available big, small, or medium for car camping or hill-walking. But here we have put a simple guide for you which will surely help you find a perfect suitable tent for your camping.

Choose on usage

To be a brutal honesty with oneself will be the best thing here. Choose whether you require having a light-weight tent, or you can go for heavier one as you will be just out for the entire night and weekend trips. Also, choose whether you can go backpacking or you just need a car for your tent.

Size Matters

Criterion: Buy a large tent then you require if you are car camping. You will appreciate the additional space rolling around in, and of course, you’ll have plenty of rooms for your children & pets (if any). On the other hand, if you are backpacking, then buy a tent which can provide you additional space for one person. If you are camping with your partner, then you’ll require a three-person tent. So you’ll have additional space for your gears, and the penalty of weight is not vast.

Give attention to weight

In case you are going for backpacking camping, then you must choose a specified backpacking model as they are made of light-weight materials. Most of the time, people do have questions about non-self supporting with guy-lines tents more willingly than enthusiastic tent poles. They are good f you are going for hiking as they are light-weighed, but for regular tent users, self-supporting tents are easier to setting up and packing. If you are using a car for camping, then the weight is not a big deal.

Weather Conditions

If you are planning to backpack on the Olympic Peninsula, then you’ll require a three-season tent with a fly & entry hall for storing your gears out of the rain. In-car camping conditions towards the southwest, then you’ll require a two-season tent, making it sure that it can give protection from the sun and consists of vents keeping the air circulation when the temperature rises. Only during winter camping, you’ll require to have a four-season tent suitable for high-alpine environments.

Research Durability & Ease of Use

The durability of a tent is not an issue when car camping, but it requires research for the tents suitable for backpacking. Nowadays, these tents are attractively well-structured, but before buying, just have a look at people’s responses towards the tent.

Ease of Use: This is also an important factor when buying a tent for your camping. You can search online or just have a word with a salesperson. Most of the tents are pretty much spontaneous, but some of them are easy in setting up in storm-force wind or dark.

Are expensive tents worth it?

Though you do not have to buy an expensive tent from the market for camping, most of the quality tents do not come inexpensive.  Searching for a quality tent implies that you’ll require worrying less about the harsh weather conditions and other outdoor issues. Tents with cheap prices can treat you well in just a condition when the weather is perfect. But you know that the weather condition is unpredictable, so you may not want to take risks with something that can make your trip miserable.

What Colour tent is coolest in hot weather?

During the hot weather conditions, we prefer to use light colors as they reflect the sun and keeping us cooler. So when we are talking about tent color, then I suggest using a light blue color tent which will keep the tent cooler inside by reflecting most of the sunlight.

When is the best time to buy a tent?

In general, the best time of buying a tent for your camping is when the camping season is ending for a huge number of people. This usually happens around from late fall to early winter as the stores are likely just to end their last season’s stock to prepare for tax season and the arrival of new winter stuff.

Are pop up tents good for camping?

If you are new to camping, then pop up tents are the best choice for you. Some of the pop-up tents are easy to set up like an umbrella by just pulling the center of the tent. While other tents are simple as you just have to unfold, it and tent will automatically spread out. If you are looking for an occasional car camping tent, then the best option for you is a pop-up tent. Also if you require a tent for a family event but not for camping, then a pop-up tent is perfect as it makes things easier with extra spending of money. Due to heavyweight and size, pop up tents are not perfect for backpacking.

Which company manufactures the best tents?

The decision of choosing the best tent for camping can be a difficult task as there are numerous types of tents available in the market. The tents vary from each other in weight, size, quality, construction, and of course, its price. Hence, before buying a tent, you require to consider your needs. Here are some of the best brands available in the market:

  • Big Agnes: founded in 2000; Types of tent: Backpacking, Mountaineering, Camping
  • MSR: founded in 1969; Types of tent: Backpacking, Mountaineering
  • Black Diamond: founded in 1989; Types of tent: Backpacking, Mountaineering
  • Kelty: founded in 1952; Types of tent: backpacking, camping
  • Nemo Equipment: founded in 2002; Types of tent: backpacking, camping, Mountaineering


How do you hang a tent by yourself?

Every tent in the market comes up with dissimilar prices starting from cheap to expensive ones. It depends where you require to camp and pitches your tent, driving the stakes into the ground can be difficult with your bare hands, so you’ll require something strong for it like a rubber mallet. We are sharing a video that can guide you about staking the tent.

Below are the steps which you require to follow when pitching the tent to the ground:

  • Find a good spot
  • Spread out the tent
  • Push in the stakes
  • Connect poles and thread through top slips
  • Insert the pole ends into the tabs
  • Tie the ties on the poles
  • Put on the canopy and attach to the tent


Do I require putting a canopy on?

Indeed! Putting the canopy on can do numerous good things for your experience of camping and protecting the durability of the tent. The included reasons are:

  • The additional layer will reflect some of the heat from the sun and keep the temperature down inside the tent.
  • Canopy helps to redirect the rain and water away from the main part of the tent.
  • Canopies provide an additional layer of protection to the main tent from falling wreckages for instance branches
  • Direct sunlight can damage the tent material, so the canopy helps to protect the tent from damage by the sun.
  • Canopies protect the tent from sun and water damage


What should I do if the stake is broken?

Frequently, tents come up with additional stakes, so be sure to have checked on storage that the tent came in. So if you still have most of the stakes, then you should be ok. You should be sure of having stakes that match the tent’s other side and do not give load on one side only. Try distributing the weight of a tent if you can.

Do I need a ground cloth for my tent?

Using a plastic groundsheet inside the tent will help in keeping you dry during the rainy season. Also, it will help to protect the tent floor. Good quality tent floors are covered with the polyurethane, which forms a complete barrier of waterproofing. So if the floor has leakage: 1) Defective 2) worn out or 3) standing in 2 inches pond of water. Furthermore, if the moisture gets into the tent through the floor, so it can find a way towards your gear.

How do you waterproof a tent?

When you are out for camping in wild areas, one of nature sounds that you want to listen to is the dripping of water inside your tent. If you are there, then it is the time when required to waterproof the shelter. There are three ways of waterproofing the tent:

  • Sealing the Seams: applying the sealer on seams can keep the moisture from leaking through
  • Urethane coating refresh: The primary barriers against the moisture is urethane coatings on the inside of your tent’s rainfly.
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR): this coating helps your rainfly getting rid of water.


Is 3000mm waterproof good for a tent?

For most of the camping, 3000mm HH can keep your tent perfectly dry. Even though you buy a tent with 10,000 mm HH, your tent can still get wet as Hydrostatic Head is the only one factor of the tent’s design.

Do you need to waterproof a new tent?

You may require waterproofing a new tent if there are some irregularities in the making of the tent. You should inquire about your new tent ensuring that the features of waterproofing are functional. Even though the tents which come with waterproofing might not be entirely ready for harsh rainy weather, so it is better to be well prepared for such times. In reality, waterproofing your new tent is simple and can be completed rapidly at a low price.

How much should I spend on a tent?

Most of the tents cost from around $30 to $1500, the prices of tents vary because of different weight, size, and features. When deciding how much money you should spend on your tent will depend upon your needs and search for the tent fulfilling your needs even though this combination does not go perfectly as you can get as many tents as more you spend the money.

Is a 4 season tent worth it?

Keeping the occupant safe from extreme weather such as heavy snowstorms, strong winds, and frosty temperatures are the main job of a four-season tent. Hence, the four-season tents should be strong and well-structured. A four-season tent has a rigid shape and pole, which allow bearing substantial loads of snow or endure strong winds. These four-season tents have more durable fabric features, as snow can be cruelly harsh.

What color canopy is the coolest?

The best way to block ultraviolet rays and providing comfort is to utilize a silver and black or white outdoor canopy. The canopy tops are built up for blocking out the heat and providing the coldest shade. These canopies are not only waterproof but also toadstool and acid-resistant.

What to know before buying a tent?

You and your family or group of friends have made a plan of going on an outdoor trip and do camping. But the issue is, you didn’t buy a tent before, and you have no idea what to know before buying it. Buying a tent is necessary when going camping. No worries, below are some of the points which you require considering when buying a tent.

Planning the usage of tent

The first and foremost thing is considering that where and how are you going to plan using a tent? Camping along the beach or going to any tropical country? Or possibly you desire to go on camping in the snowy area. Every tent is dissimilar with each other; some of them are as follows:

  • Backpacking Tents: suitable for 1-3 persons, 3-season tent (summer, winter & rainy), carried in a backpack
  • Car Camping Tents: 2-4 person, long-lasting & heavier than backpacking tents, 3 season tents including windy environment
  • Ultra-Light Tents: light material, only for two people, lighter in weight, less durable, only for clear weather conditions preferably for beach camping
  • Family Tents: setup is time-consuming, heavier, long-lasting, separate sleeping rooms, excellent ventilation, and also come up with some camping furniture


Weather Resistance

Do not just go for buying a tent for your camping because it’s on sale, always do inquiry and research about the tent. Things you should consider while buying a tent is, whether it can resist rain or snow. Well, snow can easily resist, but cold cannot, so make sure that the tent can keep you warm enough in such weather conditions. The most dangerous time while camping is raining so you should be sure that your tent can keep you dry and safe by resisting the rain. Also if you are camping in hot or tropical areas then make sure that the tent has good ventilation but also still it can resist the heavy rainfall as in tropical weather if it happens often.


A good tent should be of light-weight but long-lasting enough that can cope with rough camping experiences, considering that you are carrying the tent in your backpack. Apart from carrying the tent in a backpack, you’ll also have to carry stakes and poles or any other thing that comes with a tent.

Comfort and Liveability

One of the most important things to consider is that your tent must provide enough space where you can rest also can store your gears. It should be comfortable enough when you are sleeping, reading, napping, and most important; it should keep the elements away, such as bugs, winds, rain, sunlight, or cold.

How long does a tent last?

If the tent is well-taken care, then it should last for at least five years with continuous usage. Depending upon the factors affecting the tent’s life can make a tent last for longer or less. The answer to this question that how long does a tent last depend upon plenty of things that can affect its longevity. Most of the things can be in your control, but some of them are not. The three main factors include for the life of a tent are usage frequency, elements to which tent should be exposed, and, most of all, its maintenance and care.

Do tents leak when it rains?

The simplest answer to this question is, “Yes.” If heavy rainfall occurs, then it is possible that it can pass through the micro-pores of the fabric of the tent. In other cases, you might have a flaw in the seams of your tent, which can allow the water to leak through into the tent.

Is 2000 mm waterproof good for a tent?

The ratings of waterproofing for tents are measured in millimeters (mm), and the rating can go down somewhere from 800 mm to 10,000 mm. The figures of waterproof rating indicate that how much water pressure a tent fabric can withstand. So if your tent has a 2000 mm waterproof rating, then the tent fabric can withstand 2000 mm water pressure bearing down on it before it starts leaking.

How do you take care of a tent?

After setting up the tent, clean and wipe it with lukewarm water and liquid hand soap. After thorough cleaning rinses and dry it completely. For washing the tent, do not use washing machines, detergents, or any type of dryers as they can cause damage to the tent’s seams and a protective coating. Whenever possible, try using a ground cloth under your tent. Replacing the torn tent floors are much expensive than the ground clothes. Avoid wearing shoes inside the tent, place a rug or mat for wiping off mud and sand. Sweeping up the tent daily can help to prevent the damage caused by stones. Avoid keeping the food inside the tent as hungry critters can chew through the tent fabric in search of snacks.

Is 5000 waterproof enough?

The waterproof ratings for tents are measured in millimeters, and it usually starts from 800mm (lowest waterproof rating) to 10,000 mm (highest rating). One should consider a tent with a higher waterproof rating as the higher rating can provide more waterproofing to a tent. The measurements of ratings are taken by Hydrostatic Head test, not by the wind drove rain.

What do you do with a wet tent?

Packing a wet tent:

Packing up the things from your campsite during a downpour, then you already know the actual effort. No one wants to pack a damp tent, but there is no choice left behind. Just like our clothes, the tent fabric requires to have dry, cool storage for preventing mild growth. In any case, you require storing the tent wet; then, you should keep it packed for no less than two days, at least. So if you have to pack your tent wet and require preventing mildew growth, then you should: use anti-microbial spray, remove debris/dirt, keep it in cold temperature, and ventilate as much as you can.

Can you blackout a tent?

Yes! If you find your tent brighter than you require, so you can make it blackout if you want. You can convert your bright tent into blackout tent with few simple tricks which include:

  • Using a blackout liner in a tent
  • Draping the outer part of the tent with blackout material
  • Using a blackout mask while sleeping
  • Search for a shadier spot
  • Can use dark material for tent
  • Using specialized technology of darkroom


What are the ten essentials for camping?

When planning to go on camping, there are few things that you should carry with you to have a good outdoor experience. Having the essentials with you can make a big difference between a restful vacation and run towards the nearest emergency room. Do not leave home without the essentials, whether you are going first time for camping or a seasonal camper. Following are the ten essentials that you should have with you when going on camping:

  1. Sleeping bags
  2. Tent
  3. Water filter
  4. Firestarter
  5. Pocket knife
  6. First aid kit
  7. Navigation tool
  8. Raincoat
  9. Flashlight, lantern or headlight
  10. Toilet paper


Does a tent keep you warm?

Keeping the tent dry is the most important thing, whether there is heavy rainfall. So the most important thing is to find a place where your tent can stay dry. During camping in colder areas, keeping yourself warm is essential as you won’t require to stuck in the wild, shivering. The best way of keeping yourself warm and dry is to make a layer of your clothes. The correct dressing can regulate your body temperature, preventing you from soaking and keeping the wind away from you.

Why are tents so expensive?

There are tents available in the market which are expensive than others. You might have thought while buying that why should you buy an expensive tent than a cheap one. So there are differences between cheap and expensive tents which you may consider while buying a tent. One of the most important differences between cheap and expensive tent is its quality. Expensive tents have aluminum poles, fabric difference, waterproof rating, UV protection, zippers, and quality pockets (hanging gears). So when choosing a tent for camping keeps an eye on all the factors.

What color attracts the human eye most?

When looking for a tent, you may consider having a good color tent for you. Before choosing, you must consider where you require doing camping and using your tent. When camping in the wild, choosing a neutrally toned tent that can mix with the environment can help you a lot. In the case of a stormy place, choosing a bright tent can keep up your spirit as you will be stuck in a situation for days. So tent colors are dependent on the choice of place for camping.

When’s the best time to buy a tent?

Commonly, the best time to buy a tent when a camping season is at its end for a huge majority of people and is normally near to late fall to early winter. The tent stores have a look at getting rid of the remaining stock of last season and preparing for the tax and arrival of winter.

How do I choose the right tent for camping?

When choosing a tent for camping, first consider a model of tent depending upon the number of people. Nevertheless, no industry can properly define the size of the tent per person. The second important thing is to consider the season in which you are planning to go camping. Tents available according to seasons are three seasons, 3-4 seasons, or four seasons.  Also, when buying a tent, keeps an eye on its features like height, styles (Cabin/Dome), Floor size, doors, poles, ventilation, material, rainfly, and windows.

Is it hard to put up a tent?

This is a very difficult question as the tents in the market have different variations in sizes, components used for construction, and thus the complication of assembling the tent. When buying a tent for the first time, you must consider the purpose, durability requirement, size, and thus complications. The following video is showing how to put up a tent at your campsite.

Is tent camping dying out as a hobby?

Several tents are getting sold in the market daily and when you have a look at its prices, then you can imagine the supply and demand of them. So, no tent camping is dying as a hobby as many homeless people are using tents for a living, and definitely, it’s not a hobby.

How to make a camping tent?

When it comes to going on camping, then everyone considers having a tent first as it is the mandatory thing. But sometimes most people are unable to find a tent for themselves, so do not worry, you can build up your tent at your campsite. You may require some of the things from your home and others you may find at your camping site. Steps to follow when making a tent:

  • Lay down a tarp on the ground
  • A suitable spot for setting up your tent
  • Securing the corners of the tent
  • Building up Strong walls
  • Tying the knots


How to make tent camping comfortable?

The best way of making a camping tent more comfortable is to have the right gear. So when going on camping, you must consider the things which make you and camping comfortable. You must have all the things which can make a tent cozy and easy for you. First, you must consider what kind of sleeping bags you’ll require. Mummy Style: best for backpacking, Double: allows two people to sleep. Also, consider the few more things which are:

  • Sleeping pads
  • Eye mask
  • Earplugs
  • Pillows


Can camping tents cause cancer?

The chemicals used in manufacturing the backpacking tents can cause cancer, create neurological issues, and alter the hormonal functions according to a study of Duke University 2016. Scientists detected that the air inside the tent has flame retardants, and also it shows on the hands of the volunteers who sets the tent up.

Can you use a camping tent on the beach?

Yes! A camping tent can be used at the beach as it allows you to have a break from sunlight and provides you a cooler shade. Using a tent is more comfortable on the beach rather than lying on a towel. The winds at beaches are unpredictable, so there are many occasions when strong winds take place with a lot of sand. So having a tent with you shelters you during these conditions by helping you to prevent sand from eyes.

Is tent camping safe?

Certainly, it is, for most of the parts, camping is safe, and a huge number of people go camping every year safely with no incidents reporting. But even though there are some securities measures that one should follow while camping, especially in the wild.

  • Choosing the right shelter and site
  • Keep an eye on weather conditions
  • Food safety and storage
  • Campfire safety practice
  • Protection from insects
  • Allergies awareness
  • Skin protection from the sun
  • Hydration
  • Be cautious for wildlife
  • Remain alert and enjoy


What are camping tents used for?

Camping tents can be used for many different tasks and different people like soldiers, tenancy by travelers, spare time campers, and victims of any kind of disaster. People also use tents for different occasions like weddings, festivals, backyard parties, corporate events, construction coverings, or shelters for industries.

What are your tips and tricks for the best tent camping experience?

I’ll suggest continually putting a covering down under the tent. After that, I suggest working on setting up and bringing down your tent at home first. Nothing more regrettable than attempting to make sense of things the first time once you get to the campground. Scale things out and attempt to discover/pick a decent campground. This is the place experience truly becomes an integral factor. Awful encounters lead to better encounters, after some time. Great encounters are something you expand on. Once more, it takes effort to get familiar with these things.

What type of cooling system and heating system do you set up for tent camping?

For almost all the situations, I do not use a kind of heating or cooling system for tent camping. I prefer to have proper clothing, insulated air mattresses, and a sleeping bag for suitable temperature. You can use USB fans when warmer weather conditions and can USB heaters for cooler environments.

What is the easiest way to get a bath while tent camping?

Shower tents outside come in exceptionally advantageous for different employments. From fabric changing at the seashore or to get some private space for individual works, for instance, changing dress on an outside gathering, even as an assurance tent for a shower at an outside. You can use and utilize an average shower tent for all of these reasons and some more. A spring up shower tent can make your outside experience progressively pleasurable and assist you with getting more convenience.

With this security, you can get a shower calmly. Inside the tent, you can utilize a mug or a convenient shower or anything you desire to tidy yourself up if you’re choosing just because you will find a lot of tents of different sizes, quality, and structure that may puzzle. Similarly, the tent that obliges your partner may not meet fittingly or fill your requirements. Along these lines, picking the best outside shower tent isn’t as essential as it sounds.