KAZOO Family Camping Tent 6-8 Saturn

Are you looking for a family camping tent? Go nowhere; here we are presenting an example of an adequately constructed tent for family camping, i.e., KAZOO Family Camping Tent. The tent is self-supporting instant cabin style, complete fly coverage, great waterproofing rate, and poles of aluminum providing 3-season protection.

Features of KAZOO Family Camping Tent

  • Instant setup completion within 30 seconds
  • Poles Material: Aluminum
  • Tent Style: Cabin
  • Sunshade configuration
  • Two windows with Fly
  • Two giant doors
  • Huge in height
  • Wonderful price

What Type of Tent Is KAZOO Family Camping Tent 6-8 Saturn?

From the Saturn series of the brand, this is the larger from other two cabin style tents, including a version of 4 person tent. The tent has many enormous features; instant setup is one among its features as it can easily be set up within 30 seconds, one person can easily set it up alone. The tent and frame are attached permanently, so you have to spread and extend it four poles legs. There is a fine core aspect on the peak where the four ceiling poles unite.

You can rotate and move the tent easily even if you attach a fly with as this is also a self-supporting tent. There are 18 stakes available in the package, so you never miss fixing it to ground properly. The tent has a huge height of around 72.83 inches peak. The tent has straight and vertical walls which provide a lot of amounts inside. It has a fly with full coverage, two D shaped doors opposite to each other so, not a typical cabin style tent. There are four buckles in four corners of the tent, and the fly attaches towards the base.


The frame of the tent has imposed with the poles having a diameter of 19 mm aluminum; note that there are not many tents in this category. They have done a great job with the poles of the tent; you would recommend some cheaper material when looking towards its price. The fabric used for the tent is remarkable 210T rip-stop polyester with a waterproofing rating of 3000 mm. All the seams of the tent are taped, and the same material is being used for the bathtub style floor.

There are two large doors with mesh; also, the ceiling and sides have a lot of mesh. There is enough space for air circulation from below, although the fly goes towards the ground. The fly has its own two windows, so all together, this goes well as long as the atmosphere is clear. During the rain period, all the openings must be closed, and a fly vent will be a good option. In this case, unfortunately, this part is missing.

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For Whom This Tent is Suitable?

They claim that the total capacity of the tent is for 6-8 people, but here we have a floor area, which is small, with a measurement of 90.3 ft² (8.4 m²). So even if we consider putting eight sleeping pads as they claim on the floor, then the area given for a person will only be of around 11.29 ft² (1.05 m²) per person. It is next to impossible if we consider putting two sleeping pads within 3 meters until unless we are talking about kids. So, for a group of 8 people, this situation will not be an ideal one. For six persons, this tent will give around 15 ft² per person. If the tent is used for summer camping or open-air festival, then it can be used by six persons easily.

However, I find it best suitable for a group of 4 people and if family, then two kids with parents also perfect for couples. In view of its aluminum poles, the tent is a bit heavy. However, this weight size is expected because of its instant setup design also when the poles are thick enough. The packed size of the tent is not as good as it is long when packed. So for the transportation of this camping tent, you will require a car. If we take a look at its material, then we can say that the weight is justifiable. The tent is not a good option for a cooler climate, but if we look at its fly coverage and waterproofing, which is very high, it can protect in any weather condition.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable & reasonable price
  • Great aluminum poles
  • Extremely easy & instant setup
  • Complete Protection
  • Sun shelter

  • When packed; long
  • Not suitable for the declared capacity

Final Words

In the synopsis of this KAZOO Family Camping Tent survey, you have seen every one of its highlights, this is a pleasantly proportioned tent, incredible materials are utilized in its development, and its waterproof rating is noteworthy. The internal space isn’t huge; however, this is repaid with the decent overhang. It is ideal to overlook its proclaimed limit, center around its real measurements and highlights. This is an extraordinary value esteem blend and a very novel tent available.

Updated: February 14, 2021 — 2:53 pm

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