OZARK Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent

The tent OZARK Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent is exceptional with its self-supporting and set up with an instant design and with an astonishing price label.

OZARK Trail 12' x 12' Instant Tepee Tent, Sleeps 7

Features of Tent

  • Instant setup within 2 minutes
  • Self-supporting
  • Tepee style tent
  • Port of e-cable
  • Floor & top vents
  • Unbelievable price

Where can you find a tent?

You can find the tent on Amazon and Walmart also. They operate worldwide so you can check out the prices and conditions of shipping the tent for your current location.

Type of Tent

So if need to see a modern look of a classic tepee tent, then go nowhere and look around for this Ozark Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent. Currently, this is the only tent of its type in the market having a self-supporting feature with an external frame, which makes this tent dissimilar than others. However, this tent is dissimilar as it’s an instant setup with pre-attached poles from outside, and they are just like an umbrella. With such an instant designed setup, I have not seen any of the teepee tents in the market. Due to its instant setup design, I have included it in my list of instant tents. The setup of this tent requires to be completed in just around 2 minutes and is realistic.

This Ozark Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent is a single-layered constructed tent that has a sewn-in sealed floor.  The tent double-layered openings constructed with zippered panels and mesh. The openings of the tent have three separate windows with one door, the panels of the tent are zippered, and it is surprising to see that it comes up with a reasonable tent.


The tent comes up with floor vents, which is why I am stunned by the ventilation system of this tent. The windows and doors of the tent are with mesh and panels for protection and privacy. So when you see that the sky is clear, you can keep them only with mesh if you want. There are two additional vents on the top of the tent, so we cannot find more things for objection in this tent’s design. The tent comprises of two storage organizers, also a set of sewn storage organizer in wall pockets.

The height of the tent is high, so there is a reason why I would not recommend using this tent in windy areas. The peak height of the tent is 97 inches, and due to this, I have included this tent in the list of tall tents for camping. On the left side of the door, there is an e-cable port, but we do not have much information about the tent fabric and waterproof rating. But the frame is of steel, the shell is of polyester, and the floor looks like a dissimilar material.

For whom is this tent suitable?

 Instant Tepee Tent

Capacity wise, they claim that the declared capacity of the tent is of 7 people with the area of around 108 ft², but this is my rough estimate as they do not provide a measurement. So with several such people, the area covered by per person will be 15.4 ft², which looks quite enough. But note that the tent is narrowed or you can make a bell-shaped, and the inner volume is not so high. A lot of areas are covered by the edges and is with a low roof. So, in my opinion, this tent capacity should be downgraded to 4 people maximum.

Climate & Season wise, the makers of the tent claim that this tent is suitable for all the four seasons, and in reality, this can be true. All openings can be closed in a more relaxed environment as the floor is sealed and is quite strong as the frame is from outside. You have vents on both floors and top of the tent, so the tent is good in a warmer climate as the tent structure is tall, so it is not ideal for the windy place.

Weight-wise, the tent is a self-supporting and instant constructed tent, but the tent is massive with weight 25 lb. For such a design, the weight is justified and expected. The packed size of the tent is no so great, but yet again, this is expected from the instant set up tents. The tent is with car access places and not a bit to carry around.


Price Check


Ozark Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent vs. Competitors

There are no as such competitors of this Ozark trail 12 x 12′ instant teepee tent as it is the unique one in the market. Even though I will show the comparison of this tent with other modern teepee tents. But keep in mind that these tents are constructed with single inner pole

Ozark Trail 12 X 12′ Instant Teepee Tent Winterial 6 -7 People Tent Wenzel Shenanigan 5
Weight, lb 25 15 10.7
Floor size, sq ft 108 119 86
Peak height, in 97 96 90
Packed size, in 48 x 9 x 9 23 x 9 x 9 27.5 x 7.5 x 7.5
Doors 1 2 1
Instant yes no no
Freestanding yes no no
Price $ $ $


Pros & Cons

  • Amazing affordable price
  • Cosy tent
  • Tall in height
  • Instant setup
  • Self-supporting
  • When packed: long



This modern teepee tent “Trail 12′ x 12′ Instant Teepee Tent” is amazingly constructed with unique features and marvelous price. This tent is suitable for all four seasons. The package has 19 stakes with it, and the structure is entirely self-supporting.  So if you are a person who changes the camping places frequently, then this tent is ideal for you as the setup requires a few minutes.

Updated: February 25, 2021 — 3:32 pm

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