Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

This tent is a self-supporting camping tent having a new technology of darkroom, creating a cool environment throughout the day. This tent is a six-person instant tent, which means it has a pre-attached frame. So having this feature in it, you can easily unfold the tent extending its four main poles. So the tent is practically ready to use within 60 seconds.

What Type of Tent Is It?

The tent is also known as a cabin style tent as it has tall and straight walls. Ozark trail 6-person dark rest instant cabin tent, in its name, you can see the words stating ‘Dark Rest,’ which is a new manufacturing trend of tents ideal for family camping. This new trend’s idea is to reduce the lighting in the day time so that you can take a nap. Also, this helps in getting peaceful sleep at night. Such type tents are usually cooler than other tents as it helps in reducing the effect of sunlight.

This Ozark trail 6-man instant tent is also one of the self-supporting tents, which means after setting and extending it up, you can still move the tent around the camping area. Nevertheless, do not forget to stake it down to make it secure from sudden windy conditions. This tent includes nine stakes, so this feature is already a remarkable one.

Features of 6-Person Cabin Tent

  • A design with Dark Room facility
  • Availability of floor vent
  • The tent has three windows
  • Self-supporting tent
  • Access to electrical cords
  • The tent includes a carry bag
  • On the fly, the tent has vinyl windows
  • Price of the tent is reasonable

Tent Is Suitable For?

Officially, the tent has a capacity of 6 people; in this case of occupants, you will be having 15 ft² per person sleeping on the floor. This measurement of the area is suitable for the condition if you are using such a tent only for a night. Otherwise, you may need to reduce the number of people for comfort. Due to not having an external space for gear storage, reducing the number of people will be good to consider.

The manufacturer of tent claims that you can fit two queen size beds in it but theoretically. Otherwise, practically, you won’t consider doing this as one queen size bed will be enough for the given dimension of the floor. The weight of the tent is 20 lb, and the packed size of the tent is around 43 x 8 inches; it lets you know that you’ll require a car for its transportation. Considering the tent for season wise usage, I would like to let you know that this is good for only 1-1.5 season. This tent is for summer season camping, so if you need a tent for harsh weather conditions, you may require having a look at other options. The tent is ideal for a group of people who loves to change places frequently and do not want to spend much time setting up a tent.

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Construction & Material of Tent

Visibly, the best part of this tent is its ground-breaking technology, “Dark Rest.” This technology helps in blocking the sunlight effect, and le the tent remains cool. For this intention, the tent has multiple lights within the ceiling panel inside the tent. This helps in regulating and customizing the amount of light according to the mood. When sleeping, you can switch them off so that you can enjoy stargazing.

The tent has one window on its door, and two other windows made up of mesh, for privacy and rain protection windows are with panels. The tent has only one door but is gigantic enough for it. The poles of the tent are of very strong steel and generally the tent is strongly constructed. With this tent, you will have numerous bonuses like built-in gear roof space and an e-cable port.

Ozark Trail 6-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent set up

The tent has a minimal fly, and it only covers the roof, and its edges are factory sealed. Here we can note that the fly has vinyl windows as well as with panels and on the inner ceiling. You can regulate the lights of the tent according to the time and mood. They have not provided any information about the waterproof rating of any part of the tent, but according to standards, this tent is entirely waterproof. With the panels on the ceiling, the ventilation system is a bit precise but should be ideal. We have mesh on the openings and ceiling of the tent, and there on the backside of the tent, there is a floor vent.

Pros & Cons

  • This tent comes up with an instant setup
  • Tent is very affordable in price
  • The structure of the tent is self-supporting
  • This tent comes up with new technology, “Dark Rest.”
  • The tent has no hall area
  • This tent is heavy
  • The tent offers a smaller amount of area per person

Ozark Trail Dark Rest vs. Competitors

Let us compare the Ozark trail dark rest tent with its similar instant designed tents, which includes Coleman 6 instant tent & Core 6 instant tent. Let us start with the weight of tents, i.e., 20 lb, 24.9 lb & 22.8 lb accordingly. Floor size of Ozark trail dark rest and Coleman 6 instant tent are the same as the measurement of 90sq ft, but Core 6 instant tent has a floor size of 99 sq ft. The tents have different measurements of height and packed size, but when comparing the Ozark trail has the smallest height as well as its packed size, weight is also less than the others.

All three tents have the same number of doors with no hall area, self-supporting, and instant setup. The poles of Ozark trail dark rest and Coleman 6 instant are made up of steel, but Core 6 instant tent is of aluminum. Only the Ozark trail dark rest tent has Dark Rest technology.


So this Ozark trail 6 – person dark rest instant cabin tent is adequately built with new innovative technology named “Dark Rest.” Also, you have a few more bonuses, and the price of a tent is remarkably affordable, which is difficult matching. But when purchasing the tent, keep in mind the points which I have raised like reducing the number of people and usage of the tent in mild weather conditions suitably as a tent for summer camping.

Updated: April 7, 2021 — 3:33 am

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