OzTent 30 Second Expedition Tent RV 5 instant tent


OzTent 30 second expedition tent RV 5 is the best instant tent for camping. It is a unique design for all weather conditions and seasons.

Oztent 30 Second Expedition 5-6 Person Tent

Benefits and key features

  • Patented design/high quality and instant setup.
  • 100% waterproof, and the fabric is a polycotton.
  • Height is good, and this tent is for all seasons.
  • It takes 30 seconds to set up and best for five peoples.

What kind of instant tent is this and what is in the name of this tent

The founder of this tent is Joe Viglione 20 years ago, due to the frustration of a long set up of a tent which takes a lot of time. He dreamed of making the tent, which set up in seconds, then he operated the business, which provides easy use camping gear to Globe and Australia. He designed many products. Each product is made according to need, like the weather you are camping, hiking, and 4WDing.

This is the award-winning tents like which set up in 30 seconds, these tents are in the market from many years like from 2006.this is patented and unique design I didn’t mean like this is perfect you will understand what I am saying. Name is suggested for this tent is an instant tent which means like tent easily pinch in seconds like under 30 seconds, I also added this in the article of top best instant tents.

This is a breathable tent, and it is made up of cotton and polyester, which is called polycotton. Unfold the tent and raise it, lock the frame from the side. It starts supporting by itself because it is a freestanding tent. But the awning needs to stake down properly because it helps the guylines and poles, don’t be worry it is included in this package, .it is steps which need to take and your tent is easily set .it is like a cabin-style tent.




Oztent 30 Second Expedition 5-6 Person Tent

Suitable for whom?

Season and space-wise

The structure is stable. It has a guyline that secures against winds; this tent is a %100 waterproof tent.you can close the tent when you feel cold and open it when you want to airflow. It good enough for all-season because the wind rating is 62 mph, which is quite enough. Space or capacity it is useful for five people, the full size of this tent is 72 ft² (6.7 m²) per person it gives like 1.3 m² (14.4 ft²).it is enough for couple or family with small kids. You can use the car because you don’t have the storage area because of weight see the packed size and weight below.

Weight and climate-wise

This heavy tent weight is 25 kg.it is bulky when packed and its size is too much even you have a car, not everybody can use it like 78.7 x 15.7 x 7.1 (200 x 40 x 18 cm inches) due to the frame which is attached to the tent and make tent heavy. Its quality is good for the warm season, which I mentioned above that it is suitable for all seasons.it is a heavy but the best instant tent for camping.


Construction, Material, Ventilation, and Opening

  • It is like square structure 259 x 259 cm(102 x 102 inches)
  • Height is 6.2 feet
  • Fabric is cotton canvas and waterproof
  • Floor is PVC
  • The awning is a square which is used with poles and RV
  • Rear window and one large door opening with panels and mesh
  • zippers are YKK
  • power inlet
  • the two side window which is closed and open from inside
  • the awning is always attached to the straps

Two vents include even when you closed the flaps, the vents can use, and you can close it when you are using it in the winter season. One lower awning pole helps in the rain, which makes the water goes to the ground easily.you are protected from the groundwater because it is 100% waterproof, which gives confidence and floor is like bathtub style.

Specification & package include

  • capacity for five people &weight is 25 kg
  • cabin style tent & setup in 30 seconds
  • Two-year warranty and Packed size: L ×W (15×11)
  • the area is 6.7 m² (72 ft²) and Per person 1.34 m² (14.42 ft²)
  • Dimensions 259 x 259 x 188 cm and Awning size  L×W (102×79)


Pros & Cons

  • Easy to setup
  • 100%waterproof
  • Two-year warranty
  • Pleasant
  • Breathable

  • Little expensive
  • Heavyweight
  • bulky



It is a unique structure. I don’t see the true competitors. Then I decided to compare it with another canvas tent. These tents are highly-priced able, but I decide to show you some tents which are at less price and are a canvas tent.

RV 5

Highline 8

Tri 3
WEIGHT 25 KG 38 KG 22 KG
AREA 6.7m 13m 6.4m
HIEGHT 188cm 198cm 160cm
DOOR 1 1 1
POOL Aluminum Steel Aluminum
PACK SIZE 200 x 40 x 18 cm 109 x 34 x 34cm 85 x 61 x 48 cm



My final thought is about this instant tent is it is very easy to use and unique but expensive and bulky when packs. But when you afford it is a reliable tent with a two-year warranty. The main problem Is it weight and size; otherwise, it is useful when you afford it.



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