Russian Bear Winter Tent with Stove Included

The Russian Bear Winter Tent with Stove has an unbelievable instant setup with a double-wall structure. This tent is dissimilar from other tents available in the market. The tent is suitable for all types of seasons and climates. It has two windows, two doors, and a lot more to discover.

Key Features of Russian Bear Winter Tent with Stove

Two doors Double-layered walls
Two windows Windows have five layers
Doors have three layers Setup is instant
Stove jack included Suitable for all seasons
Can be used in extreme conditions Detachable, hinged door
Compact windows Canopy included
Equipment loft Darkened area
External ground fly


What type of tent is this?

It is hard to explain appropriately and realistically with a short title as the tent is full of features. The tent is available on Amazon under the given name of the title, but you should have an understanding that this is about three tents with dissimilar sizes:

  •  Without a stove tent for three people, also known as UP-2 Mini
  • Tent without a stove for five people, also known as UP-2
  • Tent for eight people without a stove, also known as UP-5

To understand the terminology, they call these tents as of UP series. In reality, they have few more tents, but the mentioned tents are available worldwide and on Amazon US. Therefore, the terminology may be perplexing as the five-person tent is a UP-2 tent. On the other hand, an eight-person tent is a UP-5 tent. Nevertheless, they have accessories with which they sell with some of them.

  1. With stove incorporated in the package
  2. A shielded floor layer

Price Check

Material of Tent

Let’s start from the general shape; this is a vault-style single room tent and completely self-supporting. This tent comes up with incredible guy-out points and guy-lines, stake points, and stakes, so never miss fixing it towards the ground. This tent is an instant setup, which implies that the tent has a pre-attached frame, and it opens up like an umbrella. The tent can get ready within a minute; this can be applied to any of the three sizes. This Russian-Bear Winter Tent with Stove is a complete 2-wall tent so you can have the outdoor covering, including an inner tent.

5-Layer windows

The tent has two windows, and all of them are with five layers, which I have never witnessed in any other tent.

  • The windows have external fold with Velcro. You can note that it has a support bar added, which helps in raising and supporting the flap. Also, you can keep it open as a vent.
  • Beneath it, you have another solid shinning window with Velcro shutting. You can roll up the external fold to have direct sunlight. There are clasps for this purpose; you have a PVC solid window.
  • The support bar can also support the PVC window, and it can also use as a vent. This translucent polyvinyl-chloride coating can be used up to -58° F.
  • The third layer is again a fabric and is furnished with zippers.

Russian-Bear-Winter-Tent setup


On the top of the tent, there is a detachable canopy with clasps so you can remove it during the windy condition. You can even roll the canopy towards the door side.


As I have mentioned earlier, there are two doors to this tent, and they equally impressive and positioned on the opposite sides of each other. Each door of the tent is three layers structure.

  • Outer panel with zippers and protected by an elastic flap all around.
  • Full-sized zippered mesh
  • Taffeta inner zippered layer

Pivot Door

All three layers can be rolled towards the sides, and with the help of toggles, you can fix them. There is a portable and detachable pivot door incorporated in the package. The door can be ready within seconds by pressing and unfolding it. In the structure of the tent, there are four pre-attached poles and also semi-unbending grip. No doubt, this is another vivid element here.


There are two jacks of the stove, one from outside and the other is inside. The tent has two separate walls, which are why it has a dual stove jack. A fire-resilient material surrounds the opening of the tent in search of protecting the tent up to 1200 degrees. The rings are made up of stainless steel. The diameter of the hole is 3.54 inches.

Inner Area

In the tent, you can see a window, and in its center, there is a detachable material of fire-retardant, which is attached by Velcro beneath the stove jack. This is a fabric saturated with silicone, and it can endure temperatures up to 1200 degrees. The floor is with zippers, so you can unzip whenever you require.


The setup of the tent is very easy, as this is an instant design having a pre-attached frame with a tent. So you can unfasten the door, spread the tent and step inside the tent and can raise the central bar and slide the roof just like an umbrella.

Stake & Guy-out points

The tent has one stake-point and is an octagon-shape; the stake-point is on each of its eight angles. There is additionally one stake point in the middle of, so this implies eight more stake points. You have ten guy-out points with guy-lines on a few levels from the base to the top, so you can fix the tent and make it stable in any climate conditions. They are on each pole as well as between the posts.

Carry Bag

Alike everything else with this tent, the luggage bag is likewise remarkable, built from a solid material, and outfitted with two extremely wide movables convey lashes so you can convey the tent as a rucksack. It additionally has ties around it to pack it better. There are double pressure ties on the two finishes also. The long zipper opens the sack totally, so it is anything but difficult to pack the tent once more. You will discover the pivoted entryway inside.


There are plenty of mesh openings which this tent has, so in case you missed them then here is the list:

  • Full-size zippered mesh on both doors
  • Zippered mesh layers on both windows
  • A separate low vent with mesh as well as a panel with Velcro, so if you feel cold, then you may close it

You can notice that all the mesh parts are detachable so you can wash-down them whenever the camping season ends. There is a vent on the roof’s tent, but the windows of the tent are designed for serving this purpose.

For whom the tent is suitable

Concerning the area, as you understand in the series, there are tents, and the capacity of the tent is what you utilize. So, it can accommodate two cots, including a camping table and the wood-burning stove, in the case of UP-2 tent. The tent has five people’s capacity for sleeping on the ground, but if it is used without the stove. The total area of the tent is around 88 ft2, which implies that the area covered per person is 17.6 ft² if five people use it.

Concerning the weight and packed size, the tent is bulky and heavy, having the dimensions of 55.1 lb. for the UP-2 Tent, and its packed size is 55.12 х 11.81 х 11.81 inches. Consequently, this is for car access areas, but the tent’s weight and packed size are reasonable; this is an unbelievable structure.

Concerning seasons & climate, particularly the tent is suitable for all the seasons and climates. There is an adequate amount of ventilation opportunities for circumstances when utilizing in a warm environment. With numerous stakes and guy-lines, the tent is very aerodynamic and well-protected, which can help in protection from snow and wind. It is now very clear having these features that can utilize in the most thrilling weather conditions. This is merely an unbelievable structure.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

  • Incredible features
  • Full protection
  • For all seasons
  • For extreme weather
  • Very easy to use
  • Hinged door
  • Heavy
  • Bulky when packed
  • Expensive


To sum up, this Russian-Bear Winter Tent with Stove is a long book, yet this tent merits it. It has such a large number of highlights, and I trust I didn’t miss anything significant. There is nothing available like this tent. I would not rehash what I have just portrayed above; to stretch this is a dependable and simple to utilize tent for every climate condition. Be that as it may, it is hefty and burdensome, and it comes with a reasonable price. However, the tent is entirely recommended.



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